KIT: оптична труба телескопа

Model: Celestron 1400 XLT
Type: Shmidt-Cassegrain
Material: aluminium
Diameter: 355 mm (14 inch)
System focal ratio: F/11
Focusing system: main mirror move
Weight: 20.4 kg
The mount

Model: WS240GT
Type: German equatorial
Motors: Brush Commutated DC Motors
Speed: up to 10 deg/sec
Pointing accuracy (with
pointing model):
1.7 arcmin
Weight: 48 kg
Camera 1

Model: QImaging Rolera MGi
Array size: 512 x 512 pixels
CCD type: back-illuminated
Pixel size: 16 microns
Pixel scale: 0.844 arcsec/pixels
Field of view: 8.55 x 8.55 arcmin
Full well: 240,000e- (1×1); 800,000e- (2×2, non-EM mode)
Read-out noise: <1 e- rms in EM mode
Readout Frequency: 10, 5MHz (EM mode); 5, 1MHz (normal mode)
Dark current: 0.5 e-/pix/s
Digital Output: 14 bits
Cooling: -25°C below ambient
Weight: 3.18 kg
Camera 2

Array size: 1530×1020 pixels (13.8 x 9.2 mm)
Pixel size: 9 microns
Pixel scale: 0.475 arcsec/pixels
Field of view: 12.1×7.65 arcmin
Full well: 100,000 electrons
Gain: 1.5 el/ADU
Peak QE: 85% at 650 nm
Read-out noise: 17e. RMS electrons
Read-out time: ~2 seconds with USB 2.0
Dark current: 1e./pixel/sec at 0° C
Cooling: -35°C below ambient
Temperature stability: 0.1°C
Weight: 0.6kg
  • The filter wheel
    Model: Own design
    Filter type: diameter 32 mm filters
    Max. filter thickness: 7 mm
    Weight: 1.3 kg (1wheel with 8 filters)
    Filters (wheel 1): Johnson/Cousins BVRcIc U
    Electronic: Controller for Filters and Autofocus

Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Pro
Observation schedule: CCENTER (own development)
Telescope control: Telescope (own development)
Camera control: QCam (own development)
Filter wheel control: Filters (own development)
Focus control: Autofocus (own development)
Plate solving: Platesolvexp
Standard driver: ASCOM